Eclipse MemoryAnalyzer Additions

Memory Leak Hunting is a part of my life and can be fun but also painful.

Hunting and understanding leaks often takes a lot of time.

Good that there is Eclipse Memory Analyzer (MAT, that makes your life a lot easier.
With built-in utilities / queries / reports to help you find answers.

But what i was missing, was help analyzing Swing-Applications.
A lot of small leaks can gather together and your application may run out of memory.

Often it’s something like undisposed Frames/Dialogs that take up memory.

To make hunting those leaks easier, i’ve come up with some additions to MAT that will help you identifiy leaks in Swing-Applications.

You can find them as an update-site under:

– Eclipse MAT 1.3 (
– Java 1.7 for running MAT

For a list of Features look here.